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Empowering women - Normalising Breastfeeding is a project set up several years ago when I (Lex - Founder of Altered Apparel) was nearing the end of my breastfeeding journey. I wanted to find a way to support other mothers through their nursing journey. Although I had considered pier support, it wasn't for me, but as a photographer, I decided to toy with the idea and need for breastfeeding imagery.


This is when Empowering Women Normalising Breastfeeding was born. The initial concept was to show how it is possible to breastfeed discreetly in public. The idea behind this was to help mothers feel more confident by seeing other mothers feeding and also to inform the rest of the public that it isn't scary and shouldn't be frowned upon. 

Since the birth of the project, I have been contacted by the NHS, and other independent midwifery companies asking about how they can have breastfeeding images to use to aid in informing other mothers about breastfeeding. My work has also been exhibited as part of a collaboration with Procreate Project (a pioneering arts organisation funding mother artists) at Kings College London.  

I believe that the power of a picture is real in helping to change attitudes towards breastfeeding and could help to inform mothers on how it can be done. So, with each sale of clothing by Altered Apparel Ltd, we can help to provide the NHS and other Breastfeeding Support Agencies with much-needed imagery and in turn, help to increase breastfeeding rates for the future. 

But all this being said, other ways in which I would like to help, is to fund lactation consultants and breastfeeding support organisations. Currently I am in the process of creating a directory that will be added to the site, listing many of the support workers contact details around the globe, for people to use when they need help with their breastfeeding journey. I will keep you posted on its progress. 

Take a look at the images we have produced so far...

05 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
15 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
23 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
20 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
25 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
14 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
16 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
18 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
02 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
22 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
19 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
13 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
17 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
09 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
07 lexwardEWNF.jpg
W_M&Z fb.jpg
21 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
08 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
06 lexwardEWNBF.jpg
03 lexwardEWNB.jpg
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